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Currently I work as a freelancer as senior security consultant. Everybody who wants to know more about me out of professional interest, should take a close look at my profile. Among other things it tells you about my professional know-how, examples of projects I participated in, and also references and certificates.


I always liked to take pictures of everything. Most of them rest in dusty boxes and are never looked at. A couple of years ago I finally started to use a digital camera. Since then I show my pictures on a picture website on the internet. This is my own private photo album. Access requires registration.


Besides taking pictures for my private photo album, I started to photograph people. Ultimately this is what interest me above all. This can be people close to me, but also people I meet on the street, the underground, in the cinema, or somewhere else. Often I'd like to take my camera and simply start photographing them. On this page I show pictures of people who allowed me to photograph them.


Many years ago I enthusiastically played a computer play-by-mail game, called Feudal Lords. Exactly this game I reprogrammed and adjusted it to the requirements and possibilities of a modern PBeM or browser game. Like in real life the purpose of the game is to become King and rule the country. Therefore it is necessary to manage a fiefdom economically, but also to use diplomatic measures. The award will be the throne.

Junges Theater Bonn

I really do like the Junges Theater Bonn (young theater Bonn). This happens when a professional theater company meets young but enthusiastic actors. The outcome are first-class and fresh productions. The Junges Theater Bonn does not only show Ink Heart and Ink Blood of Cornelia Funke exclusively. Also all the other pieces a could see so far were exceptional. I am member of the responsible body.